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Morvay Web Works is not the author of the listed programs below. These represent apps that many may find useful. Everything listed is either 100% free, or has a very small fee which we disclose.  Click any of the links below and you'll be taken to the parent / original site, not to a spammer site, or one that will charge for these free programs.
---------- 1 ----------
  • ooma Phone Service
    (Buy the hardware once, very inexpensive phone service to anywhere in the U.S., no computer needed.)
  • Pinger
    (Free Web and Smartphone Texting.)
  • Skype
    (Free PC to PC video chat or paid PC to phone calling, requires a PC.)

---------- 2 ----------
  • FreeFileSync
    (Free backup and synchronization for all your data.)
  • ImgBurn
    (Free - One of the best CD / DVD / Blu-ray creators.)

---------- 3 ----------
  • CCleaner
    (Free Clean the Hard Drive, backup and defrag the registry)
  • Spybot
    (Free browser immunizations, spyware Scans and corrections)

---------- 4 ----------
  • 7-Zip
    (Free File Compression and Uncompression)
  • Bitmeter II
    (Free graphically charts the PC network activity.)
  • HWiNFO
    (Free Computer System Info Reporting)

---------- 5 ----------
  • Audacity
    (Free Sound Recording / Editing)
  • MP3 Tag
    (Free MP3 Tag Editing with Album Art)
  • MPC-HC
    (Free CD, DVD, Audio, Video File Player)
  • SharePod
    (Free iPod, iPhone, iPad media management, without iTunes)
  • VLC
    (Free CD, DVD, Audio, Video File Player)

---------- 6 ----------
  • Pen Drive Apps
    (Free run popular freeware apps directly from a USB drive making apps truly portable.)
  • Pen Drive Linux
    (Free run Linux from a bootable memory stick, keep your hard drive as Windows.)
    (Free installs and runs popular freeware apps directly from a USB drive making apps truly portable.)
  • Win Pen Pack
    (Free run freeware apps directly from a USB drive making apps truly portable.)

---------- 7 ----------
  • KeePass
    (Free encrypted, secure password manager)
  • Notepad++
    (Free notepad as a code editor - features programmers appreciate)
  • Python
    (Free multi-OS coding language)
  • R
    (Free R Project for Statistical Computing)

---------- 8 ----------
  • Firefox
    (Free, Fast, Secure Web Browser)
  • Opera
    (Free, Fast, Secure Web Browser)
  • Thunderbird
    (Free email, address book, search, message archive replacement)

---------- 9 ----------
  • Color Cop
    (Free Find the color of anything on the screen)
  • GIMP
    (Free Heavy Duty Image Editing, like PhotoShop)

---------- 10 ----------
  • TightVNC
    (Free screen control another PC on the network, with file transfer)
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